Brutal Fight Involving 2 Vocational College Boys Caught On Camera

LABUAN: A vocational student here turned a recreational college lake into a kick boxing ring this week, while the students’ friends could only look on, resulting in one student beaten helplessly.

The fight, and the cursing, taunting and egging on that led up to the fight on April 18 was all captured on a 30-second video clip by a student with his smartphone, who later posted it online, and subsequently went viral.

It is unclear what sparked the argument between two boys, both aged 16, that led to the brutal fight.

The video also shows a student with a college uniform only witnessing the fight without trying to take control of the situation or step in between the two. He only became peacemaker after the last ‘knee strike’.

Following the fight going viral online, a police report was lodged by the victim’s parents today (April 20), two days after the fight.

Labuan police chief Supt. Muhamad Farid Ahmad told Bernama an investigation was being carried out.

He said the victim was at the police station when the police report was lodged and that his statement was taken for further investigations.

“We have yet to obtain the full details on the incident from the college authorities and we would like to advise members of the public not to continue sharing the video footage via any social media platform.

“As the victim has given his cooperation, we will get the suspect for further questioning,” he said.

Farid assured the investigation would be carried out in fair manner.