Brunei Records First Covid Case After 92 Days

KOTA KINABALU: Brunei was free from Covid-19 for over three months up until last Friday when the latest infection was detected in the country.

According to the country’s Health Ministry, the sole active case is being treated at the National Isolation Centre.

The infection was recorded on Aug 7, breaking the country’s 92-day record without new cases since May 7.

This pushed the national tally to 142 cases. No recoveries were recorded yesterday, making the total number of patients who have recovered at 138.

At the same time, there are 575 people undergoing mandatory isolation at the monitoring centres provided by the government. These are individuals coming into the country from overseas trips.

So far the pandemic has claimed three lives in Brunei.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Dr Sujatmiko is hoping that Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) would resume its flights to Indonesian cities by next month as the demand for flights to the country remains high.

In the latest repatriation exercise on Sunday, 147 Indonesian nationals boarded the seventh special flight operated by RB to Surabaya.

The Indonesian Embassy in Brunei assisted the repatriation of its citizens, with embassy officials being present at the Brunei International Airport to provide each passenger health items and travel permits.

The envoy said the embassy is planning to facilitate more flights to Jakarta on August 19 and 23, as a number of Indonesian nationals needed to return home after the completion of their work contracts every month.

The Indonesian Embassy had previously facilitated six repatriation flights with five to Jakarta and one to Surabaya between May and July.

A total of 1,059 Indonesian nationals have been flown home.