Brave Saratok Villagers Finally Capture Thieving 4-Metre Crocodile

End of its days of terrorising the villagers and stealing their livestock. The crocodile was taken away by the Sarawak Forestry Department.

SIBU: A 4m long crocodile which had been eating the livestock of the villagers of Kampung Kaba in Saratok was finally captured Friday morning.

The ‘thieving’ reptile was captured at about 8am by the villagers themselves who had set up bait in a ditch to attract it.

“Although we were terrified to see the reptile, we quickly gathered about 50 people to catch it alive,” said a villager known as Jemali.

Jemali said they had a hard time trying to overcome the crocodile as it put up a strong resistance.

“The crocodile was very aggressive and was struggling very hard as we were trying to catch it. With teamwork, we finally managed to overcome it after two hours,” said Jemali.

He said they want the Forestry Department to remove the crocodile away from people.