Bosi’s Claim illogical, Says Penampang MP’s Aide

PENAMPANG : A political aide to the Member of Parliament for Penampang, Darell Leiking rebutted the assertion made by the Secretary General of Sabah Natural Justice 4 Sabahan, Dr Edwin Bosi that nothing had been done by the former with regards to the perennial flooding occurrences in the district and said that he (Bosi) is merely trying to gain political mileage on the issue.

According to Christopher Masudal who is the Special Officer to Darell, as a concerned activist as he claimed himself to be, Bosi should had firstly verified with the MP Office of Penampang or even the former State Assemblywomen for Moyog, Jeniffer Lasimbang as to what Warisan representatives in the district have been done on the issue before coming out with such claim.

“The commitment and determination by Darell in finding solution on this issue which Dr Edwin described it as ‘promises’ bears weight since he (Darell) and other Warisan Penampang party members equally suffer the same emotional trauma felt by thousands of Penampang folks when seeing their houses and personal belongings damaged or destroyed whenever major flash flood occurred in the district.

Hence, the claim by Dr. Edwin that Darell is not bothered at all to find permanent solution to this issue when the latter (and his parents) themselves suffered losses year after year whenever their houses at Kg Kituau, Limbanak submerged under knee deep water due to flash floods are illogical, amateurish politic and reeks desperation on the part of Dr Edwin.

No soldier would call another soldier who lost a limb in a war a ‘coward’ so perhaps the reason why Dr Edwin came out with such illogical claim is because he himself never experienced the emotional trauma of seeing his house and personal belongings damaged by flood since he lives at a higher ground and the worst that the flood can do to him is preventing him to enjoy his Ngiu Chap at Donggongon,” he said in a statement today.

He pointed out that the MP Office of Penampang is constantly following up the Moyog Flood Mitigation Project that had been announced a few years back and whenever the monsoon season set to arrive, the staffs would make their rounds in the district to inspect the drainage systems.

“While Dr. Edwin issue statement about flooding in the district once a year in the comfort of his house, the staffs of MP Office of Penampang have been working diligently under the hot sun all year long by inspecting major drainage systems in the district particularly at the flood prone areas such as Bundusan and Kepayan and to inform the authorities which require clearing of blockages.

As for the Moyog Flood Mitigation Project, it is a well known fact that it cannot proceed at the moment since it is facing delay due to objection by villages who reside at the place where the project set to take place within the Petagas River and the latest development is that the State Government is still waiting for the fund from the Federal Government to enable the project to continue – irrespective of which Government that controls the State or Federal, all these issues still require tactful negotiations, reminders and follow-ups and Warisan Government back then cannot act arbitrarily,” he explained it.

Masudal also said that the idea of widening and deepening of Moyog River as Bosi proposed is actually the same demand forwarded by the former State Assemblywoman for Moyog, Jeniffer Lasimbang earlier and said it is good that the Secretary General for Sabah Natural Justice 4 Sabahans supported it.

“It was after the Sept 16 major flooding in the district that Jeniffer came out with the same demand through an online petition platform Change.Org demanding the State Government to deepen the Moyog River so it is good that her idea is equally shared by Dr Edwin.

However, we need to realize it that the flooding problem in the district has yet to reach its peak, no thanks to unregulated hill cutting and clearing during the last decade, rampant land reclamation, unplanned housing and commercial development, increased rainfall caused by global warming and ineffective, old drainage system hence an one-off dredging and deepening work of Moyog River might not be the permanent solution which we all need unless the State Government come out with a proper blueprint on the flooding issue in the State,” he said.