Bosi Rebukes Stephen – It’s Personal; Remember The ‘Shanghai Handshake’

Rumble in DAP Sabah; Edwin Bosi reminds Stephen Wong of the ‘Shanghai Handshake’ debacle.

KOTA KINABALU: Beleaguered Kapayan Assemblyman Edwin Bosi has hit back at chief Stephen Wong, reminding the DAP Sabah that he cannot be trusted after the botched ‘Shanghai Handshake’ as well as his (Wong’s) perceived resentment towards the ‘batu sumpah’.

He also said that rumours were rife that DAP Sabah was willing to swap his Kapayan seat with fellow Party Harapan partner, Keadilan (PKR) and that he (Bosi) would be sidelined once again.

Responding to a statement by Wong that DAP Sabah will not bow to threats made by him, Bosi, who is also the state deputy chairman said Monday:

“I have said it (before) and I say it again. I cannot trust Stephen because of my past experience encountered with him.

“During the State Committee meeting on March 2, 2017 I asked if my candidacy in Kapayan can be confirmed, to which he confirmed it cannot be done.

Stephen Wong has been accused by Bosi of reneging on a gentleman’s agreement not to contest against then DAP Sabah chairman, Jimmy Wong.

“I also asked him (Stephen) why he is doing the seat negotiation with PKR’s Christina Liew on a one-to-one basis, as the usual practice is to have a five-member committee to handle the seat negotiation.

“His reply was that a one-to-one negotiation is practical and fast. To me, this is a trait of dictatorship.”

Touching on the so-called ‘Shanghai Handshake’ Bosi said that before the party’s (state) convention on November 29, 2015 several leaders were in Shanghai and had reached a gentlemen’s agreement.

Bosi claimed that Stephen had assured three of them – then Sabah chief, Jimmy Wong, Chan Foong Hin and Bosi – he would not contest against Jimmy at the convention.

“As such, I was taken aback when he decided to “back-stab” Jimmy and all of us who witnessed the handshaking ceremony.

“Until today I have no idea what made Stephen decide to contest against Jimmy. (After all) it was Jimmy who hand-picked him (Stephen) to contest Sandakan parliament seat in the 13th general election despite numerous advise not to do so.

Bosi also urged Stephen not to drag the party into the fray between them.

“Let me be very clear with Stephen, the party is not involved. I am not holding the party to ransom. It is very unfair for Stephen to get the party involved,” he added.

Bosi also asked what had Stephen got against him as the DAP native chief and his resentment towards the ‘batu sumpah’ or Oath Stone in Keningau.