Bornean Elephant Killing: All Six Suspects Further Remanded

TAWAU: All six suspects believed to be involved in the killing of a Pygmy bull elephant in Sungai Udin, Dumpas, Kalabakan here, recently, have been further remanded for two days.

Tawau district police chief ACP Peter Umbuas said police had applied for the remand at the Tawau Court after the four-day remand ended today.

“All the suspects, aged between 48 and 68 years, comprising five local men and one illegal immigrant, will have their remand extended tomorrow morning to enable police to complete their investigation under Section 8 (c) of the Firearms Act,” he said when contacted here. today.

According to Peter, if the police investigation is completed within the remand period, then the Wildlife Department will apply to ‘re-arrest’ the suspects for investigation under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment

On Wednesday, police arrested all the suspects between 12.20 am and 12.30 pm under ‘Ops Khazanah’ in Felda Umas and Ladang Dumpas believed to be involved in the killing of the elephant and the illegal acquisition of its tusks.

The arrests also led to the confiscation of five guns including three homemade shotguns (bakakuk), 53 bullet shell casings, 59 live ammunition and two elephant tusks hidden in Felda Umas cooperative’s farm near here.