BN Wasted Funds, Did Nothing, Opposition Cyber Troopers Told


PENAMPANG: A subtle smear campaign against the Parti Warisan Sabah-led government was launched on social media over the Chinese New Year by cyber troopers linked to the opposition.

The social media campaign was aimed at creating “hate or anger ” against  the new government by highlighting fake or rehashed stories of alleged corruption and failures to resolve people’s problems in Sabah.

“The move to spread such fake news is planned to create hate and anger against the Warisan-led government.

“ We are aware of the people behind it,” said Parti Warisan Director of Communications, Honorsius Datuk Alfred Bosuin, “and we are monitoring their actions.

Old pictures of dirty Jesselton Point jetty in Kota Kinabalu is being recycled to make it new; old pictures and videos depicting the potholed Telupid- Sandakan road as dangerous, among others, are recycled and blamed on the present government.

“Many of the issues have been addressed or are being resolved. These are problems we inherited from the Barisan Nasional government; some of the issues will take a bit more time to resolve,” said Honorsius when met at a Chinese New Year gathering here on Wednesday.

“These people are trying their level best to destabilise the government by peddling half-baked claims on social media and so far the people have refused to bite the bait, hence such fake news is bring recycled,” Honorsius said.

He noted that the many Sabahans were matured enough to see the ploy and instead asked what the previous Barisan government did to resolve basic problems in its 24 years of rule.

“It is clear that the previous government was enriching itself and failed to look into the basic needs of the people.

“People understand that the new government is moving in the right direction and taking the right steps in resolving the problems,” he added, urging people to ignore such messages pushed into the social media during the holiday season.

Honorsius also said that the various allegations and twisted social media reports would be answered by the relevant authorities in the next few days to allay any doubts about the viral photos.