BN Sabah Very Scared; Lame Excuse By Sukarti Why 13 New Seats Omitted

Chan, black shirt in the middle, joined in the Pakatan Harapan Youth walkabout in Foh Sang Friday morning.

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah DAP has hit out at Sukarti Wakiman, the Sabah state secretary who said that the increase of 13 new state seats is expected to be tabled in Parliament simultaneously with the increase of parliamentary constituencies upon completion of a study by the Election Commission.

“The justification given by Sukarti is nothing more than to seek for the lamest of excuses; that is to justify the ‘freezing’ of the new 13 State seats,” said its secretary Chan Foong Hin in a statement Friday.

The Sri Tanjong Assemblyman said it’s ironical to explain in such a way, as BN doesn’t have a two-thirds majority in Parliament now to give it the convenience to have seat redelineation which could increase the number of parliamentary seats.

“If BN really wants to increase parliamentary seats in Sabah, and knowing that it cannot, why should the BN be in a hurry to pass the Bill and gazette it in the State Legislative Assembly in 2016?

Chan said he sees the holding back of Sabah’s state seat redelineation report as the fear of Sabah BN losing heavily in the new seats, the election as a whole.

Elaborating it further, he pointed out that how the 13 proposed Sabah state seats were crafted before the ‘Warisan factor’ came into the picture.

Warisan was not in existence in August 2016, when the Sabah state assembly approved the motion to increase the number of state seats from 60 to 73.

The party was established two months later in October.

“The ruling elite thought that the seats would give them a higher advantage. Now, with the Warisan factor in Sabah politics, the added advantage would turn the other way round.

“The Muslim bumiputera seats in the Sabah east coast might not be BN fixed deposits this time round,” he added.

Of the 13 new state seats proposed, six are Muslim-majority constituencies.

“Initially the BN thought that these seats were fixed deposits. But Shafie has withdrawn it prematurely,” added Chan.

So the only truth behind the scene is Sabah BN has no confidence to have the extra 13 state seats, Chan concluded.