BN Has Flaws But Still The Best, Says Max; PBS’ Decisive Role in GE14

Ongkili hitting the gong to mark the official launch of the joint 32nd AGM for Tanjung Batu, Balung and N58 Merotai in Tawau on Sunday.

TAWAU: The Barisan Nasional may have its weaknesses as it is not perfect, but the ruling coalition is still the best option for the people.

And with tacit support from the PBS, which has strong footings in most of parts of State, and supports the coalition alongside other component parties, the BN is still the best bet for the 14th general elections.

Dr Maximus Ongkili, the acting President of PBS said the BN has proven its ability to govern (the country).

“The opposition parties are ‘young’ and their leaders are mainly break-away from the BN, and they left due to dissatisfaction,” Ongkili said when opening the joint 32nd annual general meeting for Tanjung Batu, Balung and Merotai, here on Sunday.

“The former BN people had all the powers before, as many were holding high posts in the government. But they failed to solve anything, what more now. They’re just hoodwinking the people with all sorts of promises.”

Ongkili, the Energy, Green Technology and Water minister also said that PBS can be the decisive factor for the BN in the coming general election, especially in eastern part of the state, given its strong base in most of parts of Sabah.

PBS has 61 divisions state-wide with members ranging from 1,500 to 8,000 in each state constituency.

“Hence in closely fought seats, our multi-racial members can be real assets for a BN victory,” he said.

He expressed confidence that with the cooperation, support and unity amongst PBS members, the party will be able to overcome all obstacles ahead.

He noted that with the general election drawing closer, all divisions are urged to activate its machinery, adding that PBS is ready to face their opponents come election.

“The opposition is trying to make people believe they have the ‘cure’ to all problems, and are selling ‘medicines’ to confuse voters. Do not fall prey to their games,” said Ongkili.

Having said that, Ongkili meanwhile urged all party divisions to activate its membership drive to further strengthen the party’s footings in Sabah.