Bleeding For A Good Cause To Honour Christ’s Resurrection In A Special Way

Alix Sunggin in white shirt presenting a bag of rice to one of the donors, and looking on is Lesaya Lopog.

TUARAN: A total of 11 pints of blood was collected during a blood donation program jointly organized by the Tuaran Seventh-day Adventist Church, Tuaran Hospital Blood Transfusion Unit and the Sabah Blood Donors Association in conjuction with Easter.

More than 40 people registered to donate their blood; however only 11 were accepted after successfully gone through a health screening process conducted by a doctor.

Each successful donor was given a 5-kg bag of rice donated by the Sabah Blood Donors Association (PENDARAH).

Speaking at the program, Alix Sunggin, president of PENDARAH said that his association will be actively conducting blood donation programs together with NGOs, government department and agencies to assist our government hospital in order for their blood bank to have enough blood supply.

“Just last week, “Alix said, “we conducted similar program with the Sabah Thallaesemia Association and we hope to conduct more programs in the future in the other districst where we have a full-fledged hospital.

“I hope those organizations that wish to conduct similar programs with us to contact us in advance so that we can make the necessary preparation.”

Meanwhile, first Elder of the Labuaya SDA Church Lesaya L Sorudim said the blood campaign was a small but very special way of remembering the close to what is popularly known as Holy Week for the Christians.

“On Good Friday, Jesus shed His blood to save sinners and he rose again on Easter Sunday to ensure that his sacrifice was not in vain,” he said.

Lesaya who is also a member of the Sabah Seventh-day mission executive committee as well as Adviser to the Sabah Seventh-day Adventist Elders Council (SSCE), indicated that similar programs would be organized by the other SDA churches Sabah.