Bintulu: MMEA Launches SAR For Sunken Boat Victims

BINTULU: The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) of Sarawak has launched a search and rescue operation for the victims of a boat which was found in an overturned position in the waters of Bintulu this morning.

MMEA in a statement, said the orange fibre boat, without any number, was found 40 nautical miles from Bintulu at 9.35 am and its owner had yet to be known.

‘’The SAR was activated at 10.15 am,’’ said the statement, which added that a search was conducted at the location the overturned boat was located but no victim was found.

MMEA said the fishing community in Kuala Penipah, Kuala Bedengan and Muara Mukah had been contacted to identify the fishermen involved in the sunken boat incident.

A video on the finding of the overturned boat viraled on social media today, with the boat found in turbulent waters, and the riddle on who the owner of the boat was remained unanswered until now.