Beyond Race And Religion – A Destiny Set By God To Become A Good Samaritan

Although a devout Christian, Dolly Wong has gone out of the way to help out needy children, irregardless of their race or creed. - Internet photo
Although a devout Christian, Dolly Wong has gone out of the way to help out needy children, irregardless of their race or creed. – Internet photo

KOTA KINABALU – The hardship experienced during childhood had motivated the MyHero Award 2.0 winner, Wong Siew Sin, to help the impoverished and the less fortunate.

The 57-year-old Sabahan, fondly known as Dolly believes in helping those in need regardless of race, colour and religion.

Her noble and selfless deed has won the hearts of Kampung Cenderakasih residents, a Muslim-majority settlement near Kota Kinabalu, who allowed her to be elected to preside the village’s Rukun Tetangga despite her Catholic background.

Dolly Wong with her awards.
Dolly Wong with her MyHero 2.0 awards.

“My life’s journey has always been linked to helping other people. Helping others brings me great fulfillment,” said Dolly, who has 12 siblings.

Her father was the sole breadwinner and worked as a lorry driver, while her mother was a housewife.

With her father away at work and her mother suffering a long illness, the responsibility of caring, cooking and feeding her siblings fell on her shoulders at a very young age.

“I used to cry at night at the thought of the hardship I had to endure at such a young age. The hardship and poverty drove me to help others struggling with their lives.”

Dolly, who worked as a small scale contractor, would use part of her earnings for charity work which included giving donations to places of worship.

She donated money to a mosque in Kampung Cenderakasih to build a water storage tank for Muslims to carry out their ablution before prayers, and also buy tables and chairs for Quran-reading classes for the village children.

When Sabah was hit by an earthquake last year, Dolly was among the first to help by driving a truck-load of fresh water and food to affected villages.

The MyHero Award 2.0, jointly organised by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and Nanyang Siang Pau, is supported by the National Unity and Integration Department, The Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia with corporate partner Sunsuria Bhd and sponsor Bank of China.

Her willingness to donate to the Muslim community surprised the mosques’ committee especially Omar Khan who is the head of a mosque Dolly had assisted in Kampung Tanjung Aru.

“I was thinking if this is true? Dolly is not a Muslim, why would she donate? I only found out later that she has been donating to several other communities without asking anything in return.”

She believes that it was her destiny set by God to become a good samaritan to help others in need. “Relief supplies should come in early, because the victims might be waiting for it to survive,” said Dolly. – This article was first published in