Bersih 5.0, Red Shirts Rallies Classified As Illegal Assemblies – IGP

File photo showing a multi-racial group of Bersih supporters.
File photo showing a multi-racial group of Bersih supporters.

KUALA LUMPUR – Police have classified the Bersih 5.0 and Red Shirt rallies planned to be held in the federal capital on Saturday as illegal assemblies.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said this was because both the planned gatherings did not meet legal provisions especially the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

Khalid Abu Bakar
Khalid Abu Bakar

Khalid said police would take action according to the law as the assemblies did not get the approval of the venue owners.

“The organisers have been very adamant, the venue owners did not allow them to use the place, so they should look for another location.

“We (police) respect the right to assemble but they need to respect the rights of traders and tourists visiting Kuala Lumpur, as they also have rights,” he told a media conference after opening the Unforgotten Palestine Campaign with the Royal Malaysia Police at Bukit Aman here Thursday.

He advised members of the public not to participate in both assemblies as they were clearly not in compliance with the law.

“We do not want Malaysia to become like Palestine, the existing peace in the country should be maintained, not create trouble everywhere,” he said.

In this regard, he said detailed preparations had been carried out to prevent any untowards incidents from taking place.

“The people should be aware that we have laws, if they were not complied with, what is the use of having laws.

“Police will ensure the country is peaceful, prosperous and orderly, if there are road closures, we will make the due announcements,” he said.