Believe What You Want, But Your Grassroots Are Abandoning You, BN

JKKK chairman of Tambun Laut, Ismail Diman, third left, leads some 1,600 UMNO, PBS and oher opposition members in joining Parti Warisan last Sunday. Their applications were received by Shafie Apdal.

KOTA MARUDU: Parti Warisan Sabah has laughed off lame comments by Barisan Nasional leaders that crossovers to the opposition recently were just a mere gimmick.

Francis Au, the Kota Marudu Warisan Wira chief, said it was inconsequential if people like Maximus Ongkili and Ramlee Marahaban wanted to ignore the exodus of their grassroots.

The important thing is we know the fresh applications from Umno and PBS as well as from other opposition parties is very real, Au said in rebutting news reports that said the crossovers were nothing but cheap propaganda.


“We would rather have the BN leaders still in a slumber and when they finally wake up to reality, there would be no more BN and Umno in Sabah,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

According to Au the crossovers reflected the state of affairs of the ruling BN, and that the people were fed up with their empty promises and rhetoric.

“Crossovers from the BN components and opposition parties are happening everyday though we have not made it public.

“All we can say is that the people of Sabah are fed up after having been hoodwinked for more than two decades and they are in the mood for change.

“It is okay if Ramlee and Max want to belittle our efforts. It is fine with us if they cannot accept reality.”

A section of the crowd at the Parti Warisan Sabah event in Kg Tambun Laut, Kota Marudu on Sunday. Most were UMNO members disillusioned by theier leaders but many were from PBS too.

Au said Maximus in particular would need to go back to school as he was not even capable of counting beyond 100.

“Photos from the Warisan event at Kampung Tambun Laut graced by our president Shafie Apdal show more than 500 people turned up, and given the fact that the weather was bad, it was indeed a sizeable crowd.

“There was also no need for all the 1678 people who crossed over to be present as they were represented by their leaders.”

Au also took a dig at Ramlee saying those who were fed up with the ruling coalition would not want to waste time and effort to submit a resignation letter.

“They left Umno because they no longer trust Najib (Razak) and Musa (Aman), and we’re not going to split hairs arguing with those who just want to criticise for the sake of criticising because they having nothing better to do.”

Au also presented a tabulated account of the Sunday crossovers from Umno and PBS.

Kg Tambun – 150 members; Langkon Baru (102), Kg Tambun Laut (115); Kg Ongkilan (100), Kg Popok Laut (80), Kg Minurut (50), Kg Tandek Tengah (72), Kg Jati (70), Kg Pekan Lama (120), Bandau (112), Kg Marudu Laut (70), Kg Ranau Tengah (95), Kg Tandek Laut (100), Marudu Darat (100), Kg Selaping (120) and Kg Tamisan (71).

There were also crossovers from Sabah STAR, PCS and Parti Harapan Rakyat.


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