– Borneo’s 1st Hotel Booking Website

KOTA KINABALU: Tourism is a multi-billion dollar industry world-wide and with the emergence of online booking, it is much easier now for anyone to make a reservation to a hotel located halfway across the globe.

Known as Online Travel Agents (OTA), these online platforms are helping guests connect directly with the hotel of their choice not only in terms of reservations, but also handling payments, communication and resolve conflicts.

Now Sabah can boast to have its own OTA as a local startup has developed Borneo’s first hotel booking site.

Beelik which went online in August 2018 is your hotels & accommodation portal for Borneo hotels. As the first Online Travel Agency (OTA) in Sabah, Beelik has over 300 hotel partners located all over Borneo and the number is ever-increasing.


The hotels on Beelik’s website are grouped by destinations for easier searching. Besides working with local hotels, Beelik also works with businesses to bring consumers and travelers the latest and best promotions and deals.

The name Beelik is actually a play on the word “bilik” which means “room” in Bahasa Melayu – the national language of Malaysia. A creative name that the founders hope to be recognizable around the world especially for travellers who wish to stay in Borneo. portal allows its members to browse hotel rooms and rates, discounts and promotions, and can make reservation directly. Hotel partners can also set their own prices and offers any deals to the members.

According to the Managing Director Jeffrey Michael, the main marketing goal of this portal is to induce more domestic travelers to Borneo like Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Miri, Sandakan, and last but not least, Tawau.

“This is to take advantage of the high frequency flights within Sabah which currently averages more than 300 weekly, thus bringing more domestic travelers to its hotel and business partner, and offers the best of Borneo experience from Sabah’s very own local online booking web,” he said.

Jeffrey added, “being a local brand, our objective is to be the preferred online travel booking agent for Malaysia and we have big plans in terms of marketing which consist of an intensive digital marketing and brand awareness plan, such as, local advertisement board, goodies gift away, online newsletter, tourism journals and also working with influencers”.

To stay updated on Beelik’s news and superb promotions, the public can follow them on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course, bookmark the website