Beaufort Protesters Have Never Applied For Piped Water

TUARAN: Residents who staged a peaceful rally recently in protest over frequent water supply disruption in Beaufort, are not consumers registered with the State Water Department (JANS), said Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, he assured that the water problem in Beaufort is 100 percent settled.

“When I went for an inspection, I was surprised to find they (those who attended the rally) had not applied to JANS for water connection.

“Due to the dry weather, there is lack of supply from the source of gravity water … but our water supply in Beaufort is sufficient,” he said after an inspection at Taman Sri Rugading, here.

According to Peter, water supply will be disrupted only when there are incidents such as damages at the main pump that cause the water to be murky.

“I urge them to apply to JANS (for water connection) and we will connect the pipes for their convenience,” he stressed.