Be Brave To Face The Truth, Jimmy Wong Dares MCA’s Francis Goh

DAP lawmaker for Kota Kinabalu on his rounds before the Chinese New Year to wish his constituents in the city. Wong says he will debate MCA's Francis Goh without any conditions.
DAP lawmaker for Kota Kinabalu on his rounds before the Chinese New Year to wish his constituents in the city. Wong says he will debate MCA’s Francis Goh without any conditions.

KOTA KINABALU – Dap lawmaker Jimmy Wong said politician-wannabe Francis Goh should be man enough to face him in a debate on Chinese education in the country, rather than give flimsy excuses so as to avoid a public confrontation.

He also called on Goh, who is Sabah MCA deputy chief, to avoid touching on personal issues, such as Wong’s ongoing court case, “as then I too will be forced to say that he has a pending court case against him (Goh).

Jimmy told a press conference Monday that the main issue here was to debate on a fixed topic, and by giving conditions, it looked as if Goh was reluctantly accepting the dare.

Francis Goh
Francis Goh

“I am okay with his terms and conditions though, except his remark on the outcome of my pending court case,” said Jimmy. “To me that is a personal matter that is out of my hands as it is a court case and I too am waiting eagerly for the verdict.

“But once I clear my court case, there is no assurance that Goh will not have his time in court as I hear that he is being sued. So let us not go there.”

The Dap lawmaker said he was fine with the topic proposed by Goh – “The betrayer of Chinese community: is it MCA or DAP”.

He said he is okay with the debate being held at the Hakka Hall and would also agree to share the costs involved, as well as speak in any language or dialect.

He agreed that the people who attended the debate would be the best judge as to who had betrayed the Chinese, especially in the field of education.

“MCA has let down the Chinese community each time the government, through the Education Ministry made amendments to the laws to put the squeeze on vernacular schools and languages.

“And in Parliament, despite the obvious challenges and setbacks to the Chinese community, MCA blindly supported the government,” added Jimmy.

On Goh’s contributions to the people especially in Kapayan, Jimmy said the MCA man had a motive as he wanted to contest the state seat for the Barisan Nasional in the next elections.

“His charitable acts are nothing but a show to try and garner support from the people. That to me is not sincere as he has a motive. You give a little expecting a lot in return,” said Jimmy.

“Give to the needy by all means and I will salute you if you are not expecting anything in return. That is true philanthropy.”

Apart from the debate, which Jimmy said he hoped could be sorted out soon, he hoped that Goh would be picked by MCA to contest Kapayan, which is currently held by a Dap member.

“The people have rejected MCA in peninsula, and have rejected MCA in Sabah in 2013. So what makes him think that the people will back the MCA this time around,” he added.