Barge-Mounted Crane Topples Into Sarawak River, No One Injured

Artist's impression of the 400-metre Golden Bridge, a RM35-million pedestrian bridge spanning the Sarawak River.
Artist’s impression of the RM35 million, 400-metre pedestrian Golden Bridge spanning the Sarawak River.

KUCHING: No worker was injured or infrastructure damaged when a crane mounted on a barge toppled and fell into the Sarawak River on Wednesday.

The crane had been used in the ongoing construction of a RM35 million, 400 metre-long bridge across the river from the Old Court House Complex in the city to the new State Legislative Building Complex on the opposite bank.

In a statement here Friday, PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, otherwise known as PPES Works, said there had always been strict safety protocols onsite.


PPES Works is a joint venture construction company between Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd and Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

It is collaborating with Naim Land Sdn Bhd to design and build the pedestrian bridge also known as the Golden Bridge which is a new landmark in the city.

In the statement, PPES Works said prior to the 2pm incident on Dec 14, site officers had noticed unusual and significantly stronger water current flow, well outside of normal operating parameters.

This had affected the movement of a barge on which the crane was placed.

“In accordance with safety protocols, all loads were unshackled and all personnel, cleared.

“Later, one of the barge’s anchor cables snapped, causing the crane to topple and fall into the river.

“PPES Works is currently working closely with the Department of Safety and Health, and estimates the crane will be cleared from the river by Dec 24 to enable construction to resume,” it said.