Baby Orangutan Believed To Be Born On Malaysia Day Spotted

A baby orangutan. - Photo taken from Discover Wildlife
A baby orangutan. – Photo taken from Discover Wildlife

KUCHING – The Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) has announced the birth of an orangutan baby at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve (SNR), within the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre (SWC), some 50 kms from here.

SFC, in a statement, Friday said it was believed that the new orangutan baby was born on Malaysia Day, Sept 16.

“The pregnant mother, named as Analisa, was last seen at the feeding platform on Sept 13 and, on Sept 18, she came for feeding with a baby clinging onto her.

“The mother and child look fine but the gender of the baby has not been able to be determined because it is still being clutched too closely by the protective mother,” said the statement.

With this new birth, Semenggoh has 27 free ranging orangutans which are of constant delight to visitors.

According to the statement, Analisa, 20, was also born at Semenggoh to Seduku, 45, which is the oldest female orangutan at the Wildlife Centre and has so far given birth to three progenies, the first two, Anakku and Digital Guro.

Digital Guro, a male, was adopted by the Guro District Council of Seoul, South Korea, but unfortunately died prematurely in Nov 2015 at the age of three of natural causes.

At SWC and the sister facility in Matang Wildlife Centre (MWC), the public can participate in the Orangutan Adoption Programme by adopting an orangutan.

Proceeds from the adoption programme are used to fund conservation activities, particularly orangutan conservation.