Attempt To Interpret Texts From Different Languages, Corrupt The Meaning Of The Entire Text, Lead To Disastrous Consequences

KOTA KINABALU : Any attempt to interpret texts which originated from a different language will corrupt the meaning of the entire text.

Warisan Supreme Council Member, Lawyer and MA63 Activist, Mazliwati Abdul Malek said PAS should understand this because this is the very reason why the Holy Quran is not translated.

Commenting on PAS Youth support for Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) plan to make the Bahasa Melayu text of the Federal Constitution as the authoritative document to provide an accurate interpretation of the constitution by avoiding confusions that may occur in court, Mazliwati said when Malaysia was created, the partners, namely Malaya, North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak, Britain mand Singapore signed an Agreement called Malaysia Agreement 1963 in short.

The terms they agreed upon were explained to them as they understood it in English which further stated under Article XI of the said Agreement, “In case of doubt the English text of the Agreement shall prevail”.

“I don’t have to stress here that this Agreement cannot be amended, repealed, deleted, abolished in whatsoever manner without the consent of all signatories involved.

“This is an International Agreement after all.

“Even if Article 160B states that Malay should be the authoritative text, for as long as it touches the articles adapted by Act 26/63, Malaysia Agreement 1963 already stated that English should prevail,” she said in a statement released here today.

Furthermore, Mazliwati said
there are a lot of differences between the translation of Malay to that of English in many sections of the Agreement.

For example, Article 1(2) of the Federal Constitution which was adapted from Malaysia Agreement 1963 through Act 26/63.

“This section itself has been a debate for decades due to some trying to understand and/or interpret them in the way the Malay version was stated.

“Many thought that this Article 160B is merely to uphold Malay language under the Constitution without realising how much it will affect the core of the very Agreement which form this nation in the first place.

“We have seen how the so called simple addition or amendment to the Constitution without due consideration and aforethought could lead to a disastrous consequence, for example, arranging the states alphabetically in 1976 amendment to Article 1(2) or changing the word “Borneo States” into “any State” under Article 95C,” she stressed.

Mazliwati asserted that to really protect the rights and powers of the Borneo States, the MPs of Sabah and Sarawak should be more alert on these matters.