Any More Hidden Gems, Warisan Youth Queries Sabah Government

Azis said he cannot recall if there was ever a ground-breaking ceremony for the so-called prestigious project.

KOTA KINABALU – Parti Warisan Sabah youth said “good news for Sabah” must not be shrouded in secrecy and the people should be duly informed of such.

Referring to the 3Towers project in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, in which the State govenrment has a stake, Warisa, youth chief, Dato’ Mohd Azis Jammam said:

“I just wonder why a “good” project of such magnitude and massive scale in Kuala Lumpur like this was not announced by Sabah Government once the new terms was renegotiated?

“We cannot even recall if there was a “pecah tanah” (ground-breaking) for this project.”

Azis in a statement Friday said Warisan would like to thank the State Secretary, Tan Sri Sukarti for the immediate reply to (an article in the media querying the massive project) that helped diffuse the mystery of this joint project venture.

He said this only showed that it was a good question (raised by Warisan leaders) to ask as the project is being constructed in the name of Sabah (at least jointly) so it must be for the interest of Sabah and its people.

”I am sure most normal Sabahans, if not all, do not know the existence of this project,” he pointed out.

The impressive project in Ampang only came to light after Warisan leaders highlighted it,
The impressive project in Ampang only came to light after Warisan leaders highlighted it.

”As a Sabahan, we still have the right to know the details of this project like what is the government’s share, who are the shareholders’ and what are the better terms and conditions that were obtained.”

Aziz also enquired about other points which he said Sukarti had conveniently avoided.

“How does this project benefit the people of Sabah,” he asked. “Will the this joint venture account be audited by the Auditor-General. Are there any similar project elsewhere that Sabahans?”

According to Azis, a former Semporna youth leader, he hoped the people in Sabah do not have to find out about other projects of a similar nature through any other means, other than through a responsible government to keep the Sabahans informed.

Aziz also asked if it’s possible that the government formulate a “Rumah Sabah” project in this project?

“I hope our State Secretary who is responsive can be “fast” in replying to these questions to enlighten the people of Sabah,” he added