An Answer To Daily Express Strange Headlines


COMMENT: I wish to make a clarification and put right the misleading headline by the Daily Express dated 4th September 2020 whereby alluding and equating our Sarawakians brothers and bisters as the same as the illegals.

This is indeed a wrong headline and I believe any responsible daily should not sensationalise the intent and meaning of what was said.

What the news headlines should have spelt out are that “WE WANT TO BE JUST LIKE HOW SARAWAK” practices its autonomy on immigration powers.

We are proud that they kept their powers of immigration to ensure records of entry into Sarawak.

Sabahans admire and wholly respects the Sarawak government’s powers (by accepting their 60 – 90 day Social Visa Entry when we enter Sarawak). Hence I believe our Sarawakians brothers and sisters will also respect Sabahans, and be proud that Sabah will finally follow Sarawak’s position on its immigration powers, just as when Sabahans enter the sovereign State of Sarawak.

The pursuit by Sabah and Sarawak to enforce the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and its agreed powers in the inherent sovereign rights emplaced in the formation of the Federation of Malaysia will mark another firmness over what had been agreed to on the formation.

We must in order to earn the respect of our Sarawak brothers and sisters be like them in executing our respective immigration and sovereign rights.

In the main, I trust any responsible news dailies must not alter the true and intent and meaning of the message in any statement.

* Darell Leiking is Member of Parliament, Penampang