Amateur Job! Fake NRD Forms Work Of Desperados, Sabah BN Backbencher

This form has been going around on social media. Sabah Barisan Nasional claims it is a fake and the work of amateurs.

STATEMENT: The bogus National Registration Department (NRD) identity card registration form reflects the desperation of some to fish for votes in the upcoming General election.

2. The fake form where applicants must vow to vote for the BN is an attempt to smear the image of the coalition and the ruling government.

3. This is a clear attempt by some and you know who you are, to mislead the people into thinking that the BN uses such tactics to win in the next election.


4. The people should open their eyes and see who the real culprits of utilizing dirty and fear tactics, religion and character assassination to destabilize the BN.

5. There are people out there singing the same old song and dance, accusing the BN of underhanded methods in our politics. People should realize that these very same people are no angels. “Buang batu, sembunyi tangan”. (Throw stones but hide the hands). Always lurking about, scheming and plotting new ways to hoodwink the people into hating the BN.

6. The fake form is the result of a last-minute amateurish job that was ridden with mistakes.

7. They forgot to put in crucial details like race, religion and parents information. The form also had typo errors. It is actually quite laughable.

• Abdul Rahim Ismail is Sabah Barisan Nasional Backbencher chairman and Pantai Manis Assemblyman