All Onboard Sunken Submarine KRI Nanggala 402 Confirmed Dead – TNI

JAKARTA: Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI) Commander Hadi Tjahjanto announced today that the crew onboard navy submarine KRI Nanggala 402 have been confirmed dead.

“All 53 personnel onboard KRI Nanggala 402 have fallen. Based on authentic evidence, we can state that KRI Nanggala 402 has sunk,” he said at a press conference broadcast live on local television.

Based on visuals from remotely operated underwater vehicle used in the search, the sub was found to have broken into three parts at a depth of 838 metres on the seabed in the waters off Bali.

KRI Nanggala 402 was reported to have lost contact at 4.25 pm last Wednesday during a torpedo training exercise off Bali, which also involved 21 TNI ships, five fighter jets and another submarine.