All For Human Capital; Warisan Plans Education Hub And Sabah ‘U’

Junz, right, in deep discussion with his Warisan top leaders; from left: Loretto Paduan, Peter Anthony, Terrence Siambun, and Mohd Azis Jammam

KOTA KINABALU: With education being placed high on its list of priorities, Parti Warisan Sabah has plans to develop an education hub on the suburbs of the State capital and set up a State-owned international University.

Warisan vice president Junz Wong said when given the people’s mandate, apart from creating the State education ministry, education and the necessary infrastructure will get the special attention it deserves.

“We want to ensure better and more efficient educational facilities as well as a system to empower and assist our students in Sabah,” Junz said in a statement Saturday.

“Warisan will work with private colleges and educationists in the State to facilitate and help to set up the Sabah University.”

Junz said Sabah colleges who want to take part in this proposed University program and education hub would be welcome, though he felt confident most if not all would get involved in one way or the other, “as our educationists know it will be an important break-through for education development.”

“With this Sabah University, we can introduce scholarships and study loans for our young Sabahans to pursue higher education. We will get highly qualified professional professors and lecturers to teach these youths,” he added.


He said a Sabah University is badly needed, though there is already Universiti Malaysia Sabah, as many qualified Sabahan students who score great results in their Sixth Form are denied the equal opportunity by inconsistent policies.

Junz also said students with UEC (Unified Examination Certificate) from Chinese schools will be recognized and therefore can also enroll into Sabah University programs.

Touching on the development of the education hub, he said Warisan is determined to make this a reality to accommodate all types of schools of higher learning, private colleges and the Sabah University.

He said a Warisan government will allocate a piece of land sized 100-200 acres for this purpose and its education bureau has identified Sepanggar as one of the potential locations.

Junz said Warisan will plan for both local and outside colleges, whether from peninsula or other countries, to move into the proposed hub where all the infrastructure and first class amenities would be provided.


“With this hub, stakeholders will be able to eliminate all uncertainties and problems which private colleges have been facing all these years in Sabah,” he said.

“We want them to embark into bigger programs and stay focused on educational development, and eventually this would be good for human capital development for Sabah.

He said apart from incentive schemes for educational related services – affordable rental, utilities, purchase of books, computers, sport facilities would also be looked into.

He said a professional management body will be set up by Warisan Sabah Government but left to be managed by a consortium of different colleges.

These programs are in line of another Warisan educational policy, announced by Dato Seri Shafie Apdal to set up vocational schools to train Sabahans to become skilled workers to boost human capital for Sabah.

Junz added that with the education hub in place, Sabah can embark into education tourism programs to woo International Universities to the State, such as is now practised in Sarawak.

“Only with a Sabahan-Oriented Warisan Government will Sabahan realize this dream and make this a reality for our children and future generations to come, while others just talk about it,” he added.