Ainal Fattah Ordered To Pay Shafie RM320K Damages And Costs

KOTA KINABALU: Ainal Fatah was ordered by the High Court to pay RM300, 000 to Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal for defamation.

High Court Justice Celestina Stuel Galid also ordered Ainal to pay RM20, 000 in cost to Shafie who had sued him for maliciously using the judiciary process to alleged corrupt practices through news publications ahead of the May 9 general election.

Ainal Fattah

Shafie, who had filed the suit against Ainal on April 24, had won a default judgement against Ainal who failed to file defence on July 26.

Shafie was represented by lawyer Datuk Douglas Lind while Ainal, who wad not present in court, was represented by counsel Nurul Rafeeqa Abdul Mutolip at the hearing Wednesday (Nov 28).

Lind had applied to the court for RM1.3mil in general, exemplary and aggravated  damages to be paid to Shafie.

Ainal, who spearheaded the Umno campaign against  Shafie in his homebase of Semporna, had published in the media his application for judicial review to bar the Parti Warisan Sabah President from contesting or voting in the recent 14th general election.

Shafie in his court documents said that the Ainal had caused the publication of full details of his judicial review application in particular alleged corrupt practices in leading newspapers in Sabah in order to cause maximum damage to his reputation.

Shafie said that Ainal had also released the details for publication despite having not filed the affidavit to verify the facts used by him for the judicial review.

Shafie, who is Parti Warisan Sabah president, in his court papers had also said that Ainal had acted deliberately to harm, hurt and damage him ahead of the of the elections as Ainal could not prove any of his claims in his judicial review of application to stop him (Shafie) from contesting in the elections.