ADUN Kapayan Releases Song To Celebrate Kaamatan

KOTA KINABALU: ADUN Kapayan, Jannie Lasimbang, said she is proud to introduce a new Kaamatan song in Kadazan entitled “Sunduvan Kaamatan Aiso Vohit” or Borderless Kaamatan Spirit.

The catchy song, which was produced by PUSAKAG into a music video and released only yesterday in YouTube has already gotten about 7.5 viewers.

The lyrics for the Kaamatan song was composed by Jannie herself, while the music was composed by Douglas Henry Monis. Jannie was also featured giving a short greeting and singing in the music video.

Six famous local singers featured in the video of the Kaamatan song are:

1. Queennera Francine Kitingan, a radio announcer with Kupi-Kupi Fm and former Akademi Fantasia participant.

2. Hosiani Keewon, the 2018 Sabah Unduk Ngadau.

3. Fanzi Ruji, 2016 winner or Bontugan Sugandoi.

4. Dennis Primus, a radio announcer with the Kadazan RTM Sabahvfm

5. Jeffson Jeffrin Sipili, 1st runner up of the SabahVFm 2019 Kadazan Chart

6. Anna Stanislaus, a radio announcer with AtukoiFM, song composer and winner/Best Vocal SabahvFm Kadazan Chart in 2012.

Kaamatan Aiso Vohit or Borderless Kaamatan is a theme adopted for the Kaamatan celebration this year to reflect the melancholy situation where large gatherings are not allowed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In her greetings, Jannie called on listeners to awaken the Kaamatan spirit, not be saddened by the current situation but instead strengthen their hearts to attain their goals.

Jannie said the song gives hope that a borderless Kaamatan spirit exists in the hearts of people, bringing joy through memories and the knowledge that peace and unity exists among Sabah’s diverse ethnic groups.

Traditionally, the Kaamatan is a time where the Bobohizan will offer thanksgiving prayers to the Creator for the good paddy harvest and pray for another year of bountiful harvest.  Indigenous peoples of Sabah all share this tradition to this day and eventhough many may no longer carry out paddy farming, the concept of thanksgiving for the achievements in the past year and the hope for a better year lives on.

Jannie added that the Bobohizan this year have indeed already called on the rice spirit and performed the thanksgiving ritual or magavau on April 29, and as reflected in the song, the Borderless Kaamatan can be celebrated by all indigenous peoples wherever they are, even in foreign countries.

Lyrics in Kaadazan and translation in English:

*Sunduvan Kaamatan Aiso Vohit/Borderless Kaamatan Spirit*

Odoi giningo om sinuau ngaavi’/Oh how beautiful and radiant all around,
Manaandak tadau do Kaamatan/Celebrating Kaamatan (Harvest) day,
Pibabasan om piunungan do mogisuusuvai tinaau/Peace and unity among diverse ethnicities,
Diti Sunduvan Kaamatan aiso vohit/Through this Borderless Kaamatan Spirit

Odoi ounsikou ginavo ngaavi’/Oh how joyful our hearts are,
Koongou tagung mantad id sodu’/To hear the beat of distant gongs,
Kasazau ngaavi’ vinangun do Kinoingan/Making all of God’s creation dance,
Poposoou Sunduvan Kamaatan/Reminding us of the Kaamatan Spirit

Nokosuku om minagavau o bobohizan/The Bobohizan have called on the rice spirit and performed the thanksgiving ritual,
Panakatanda’ Kaamatan pointounda’ no/Acclaiming that Kaamatan (Festival) is all set
Kotohuadan kumaa Minamangun/Our thanksgiving to the Creator,
Diti Sunduvan Kamaatan Aiso Vohit/For this Borderless Kaamatan Spirit