Admit That MERS999 A Total Failure In Sabah – Warisan


KOTA KINABALU : Warisan views the explanation given by the Sabah Health Director in a recent death case in Kolombong as being too simplistic, irresponsible and unacceptable.

In a statement released on Saturday, Warisan Luyang Branch Chief Samuel Wong urged the Health Director to revamp the emergency call system immediately.

“Why should emergency calls be diverted here and there? So what is the main purpose of MERS999 for Sabah? Just to carry out diversion of calls from KL office?”

“As I’ve mentioned in a statement regarding Penampang fire September last year, a centralised emergency response system must be established and based in Sabah, and manned by local Sabahans who are familiar with Sabah’s geography.”

“When a person makes an emergency call, there will surely be an element of panic, and might result in incompletion of a full exact address. It’s simple logic.”

“With local Sabahans manning the system, it will definitely be more effective and efficient as simple information of the exact location can be understood by the Sabahan operators easily.”

“What is so difficult in implementing this local system? Life is precious, every second counts.”

Elaborating further, Samuel urged the Health Director to publish real-time data of the incident to prove the director’s claims.

“Why was a second call made to MERS999 only after an hour from the first call? Was there an error in the system resulting in people making calls to a private hospital and a NGO to dispatch their ambulances?”

“How would the Health Director feels if such an incident happens to her close acquaintances? Will such an explanation be acceptable to her?”