Acting PBS Youth Chief Mandut Tells Nointin PBS Will Not Ditch BN Again

Maximus Ongkili is greeted by delegates at the recent PBS Youth and Wanita annual meetings.

KOTA KINABALU: Jake Nointin, being a former Youth Chief, has no locus standi to comment over the future of his former party, Parti Bersatu Sabah.

“We (PBS) just had our 32nd party congress, and judging from the responses from the delegates, everyone is all geared up to put a good fight in the coming general election.

“And there is no indication at all that the oldest party in Sabah will leave Barisan Nasional. We are very much still BN’s biggest supporters,” said Christopher Mandut, the acting PBS Youth Chief in a statement.

Mandut added that Nointin should leave matters pertaining to PBS to the party members, and concentrate on his own political stand.


“We, in PBS, are not political deserters like what ex-PBS leaders, him (Nointin) included, have done.

Nointin, who recently joined Parti Warisan Sabah, allegedly with 1,119 others, stated that it was just about time for PBS to leave the coalition.

He had also accused PBS as losing its focus and that Deputy President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili, who has been appointed to carry out the duties of president, was just looking after the interest of BN component parties.

“Long ago, he (Nointin) had promised to work hard with PBS, he believed in our struggles. But suddenly he had a change of heart as the election draw closer. He was hoping to be a YB (Yang Berhormat) through PBS.

“Tell me if this is sincere. He dares to trash his former colleagues in BN to gain people’s sympathies and supports. That, to me, does not show qualities of. Good leader,” said Mandut.

He stressed that PBS has three decades of experiences, both good and bad, and the party is now matured and stronger than ever to fight the struggles and face challenges ahead.