A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way To Getting Junz Elected in Tanjung Aru

All that is left of the popular food court at Tanjung Aru beach. It was well patronised by the locals as well as tourists from overseas.

LETTER: If they had been kinder and more considerate, we wouldn’t have this, would we?

Musa Aman, the deposed Chief Minister, Victor Paul, the Chief Executive Officer of Tanjung Aru Eco Development, Mayor Yeo Boon Hai and ex Tanjung Aru Assemblyman, Edward Yong, despite pleas to wait after the fasting month to bring down this popular food stalls at the beach to make way for their dubious TAED project so that the food sellers could make some Raya money, no?

The people at the top showed their arrogance and simply ignored everybody.

The food sellers who had been at this spot for ages were forcibly pushed out. Junz Wong and several of his Parti Warisan colleagues was there to defend and showed them moral support before the election.

FLASHBACK: Junz Wong, then the Likas Assemblyman and Terrence Siambun, his Moyog counterpart meeting up with the Tanjung Aru food court vendors on Thursday afternoon as City Hall workers remove tables and chairs from the food court, despite a plea for a temporary halt til after the Aidil Fitri celebrations.

See what a little kindness can do. Junz is now the newly minted Tanjung Aru Assemblyman.

We understand the legalities involved with the TAED project, that it will take time to sort out.

Meanwhile can someone in the Warisan government get City Hall to make good and bring back the food sellers so that the people can hang out and chill at the place?

Temporary it may be, that will make a lot of people happy.

We got our beach back from greedy people. Hurray!

Long-Time TA Resident

City Hall workers removing the tables and chairs from the Tanjung Aru Food Court. Of course they were only following instructions from their bosses, who were no where to be seen and could not be contacted.