‘A Good Leader Can Hold His YBs Together To Keep On Fighting’

Rahman, second from left, together with Peter Anthony, datuk shafie apdal Dan Padua at the press conference on Friday where he announced ditching PBS for warisan.

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah is not in the mood to pinch any opposition assemblymen as it was the agreement within the core members of the party that “we rather create new leaders and establish new political ground.”

“We want to establish new ground as a political foundation,” said Loretto S Padua, Secretary General of Party Warisan when hitting back at Maximus Ongkili for his blatant speculation that Warisan is pinching opposition Assemblymen.

“We are not interested in race base politics or religion base politics. What we want is a foundation for every Sabahan, regardless of ethnicity or color, to come together and fight together as a Sabahan.”

“This is what Warisan is all about,” said Padua, a Nominated Assemblyman, adding that Joniti Ongkili should blame himself for failing to convinced their members and their assemblymen that their political motivation is still relevant.

For him to accuse Parti Warisan as ‘insecure and fearing the opposition’ shows that his own has become irrelevant.

“As a leader of his party, he should look into himself and ask what has gone wrong? Has he been a good leader? If he is a good leader then his members and his assemblymen would have stayed, listened to him and kept on fighting to whatever their political motivation was”.

Abdul Rahman Kongkawan who announced his departure from PBS to join Warisan has explained explicitly that he wishes to continue the process of development in Labuk area.

But being in the opposition he won’t be able to do so.

“Rahman actually approached us during the Sandakan by-election. (Datuk) Shafie did not say yes immediately. So when Max said we pinched him, that is a blatant lie. If we did pinch him, we could have announced that during time. But we didn’t!”

Loretto explained that as a Secretary General, it is his job to carefully screen everyone who wishes to join Warisan. The process he said is never easy, and consumes a lot of time and a lot of documents.

“I do not take my job lightly. So when Max accuse us of pinching, I just have to respond and inform the public that this is a desperate politician clutching at straw.”

“Perhaps Max never really cared about his assemblymen. If he does, how come he didn’t know that Rahman took the trouble to meet my President during the Sandakan by-election? Isn’t that a sign of a weak leadership?”

The Secretary General of Warisan also clarified that any new members who wishes to join Warisan are welcome to do so. However they must first go through thorough screening process before being accepted.

And there is no such thing as political rewards if an assemblyman joins Warisan.

“The first thing we agreed upon when we formed Warisan is that there is no remuneration or rewards or any benefit given to any political figure joining Warisan. Those are BN style politicking system.

“In Warisan, if you want to fight for the people you must come wholeheartedly. If you are an honest man, you will think about fighting for your people and not the rewards,” he added.


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