A Desperate Mum Pleads For O Positive Blood To Save Son

Neowell Van Houtton

KOTA KINABALU: A mother is appealing to those with blood type O positive to donate blood to her son, Neowell Van Houtton, who is suffering from thalassemia major, The Star Online reported.

Selly Onong said her son is in dire need of blood, as his condition requires him to undergo frequent transfusions at the Women and Children’s Hospital in Likas.

She said her son’s blood type – O positive R1R1 – was a rare subtype.

“That is why this is making it so hard for him to get donors,” she said on Monday, adding that only those with blood type O positive could be a potential match for her son.

Selly said they had been waiting for a transfusion since June 18 and his condition is rapidly worsening.

“This is a life and death situation and I make this plea to all those with O positive R1R1 blood type to please help my son,” she said, adding they can get their blood subtype details from the doctor.

Those who want to donate to Neowell can contact Selly at 012-8676351.