61 Rural Entrepreneurs In Sabah Succeed Under Govt Programme

KOTA KINABALU: A total of 61 rural entrepreneurs under a programme conducted by the Sabah Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) have successfully developed their own businesses in various fields including handicraft, food, cosmetics, and healthcare.

Sabah Rural Development Minister Ewon Benedick said that out of the total, four entrepreneurs who were producing virgin coconut oil and abalone-based cosmetics products had penetrated the international market.

“It’s not easy to market, promote and promote the brand of a new product in the market, because they have to compete with existing entrepreneurs in the market.

“However, I believe, with the commitment (of the entrepreneurs) to develop their businesses and the continuous support of the ministry, rural entrepreneurs are able to create a name for themselves, on par with other entrepreneurs in the country,” he said in his closing speech at a business management improvement course for entrepreneurs here, today.

About 40 rural entrepreneurs participated in the three-day course from Monday organised by KPLB Sabah aimed at enhancing knowledge on entrepreneurship, including aspects of marketing and financial management, as well as online selling.

In the meantime, Ewon urged Sabah’s rural entrepreneurs to take advantage of government-provided loans through various ministries and agencies to start or expand their businesses.