60 Pct Completion Of Pan Borneo Highway Project In Sarawak, 45 Pct In Sabah – Fadillah

KUALA LUMPUR: The Pan Borneo Highway Project, one of the main project under the Ministry of Works, has shown positive development as the completion of the project in Sarawak has reached 60 per cent, while in Sabah, 45 per cent.

Senior Minister of Works Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said the construction of the 11 packages of the Pan Borneo Highway project in Sarawak from Telok Melano to Miri was still ongoing involving a cost of RM16.117 billion.

“Following the termination of the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) on Feb 20, 2020, the project continued to be implemented using the conventional method with the Sarawak Public Works Department as its superintending officer,” he said when announcing the One-Year Malaysia Prihatin Achievements of Works Ministry here today.

For the project in Sabah, Fadillah said 11 out of the 35 packages were being implemented and were 45 per cent completed, while five still on the planning and procurement stage and expected to begin construction this year.

The cost for 15 out of the 35 packages amounting to RM7.075 billion.

Fadillah said his ministry will strive to expedite the completion of the Pan Borneo Highway by coming up with the proposal to appoint a Project Management Consultant to help the Sabah and Sarawak Ministry of Works to implement the project in their respective states.

However, he said the appointment of the Project Management Consultant was still being discussed and need to be finalised by the Ministry of Finance.

“I think the Public Works Department (JKR) of Sabah and Sarawak have a big volume of projects right now, in particular in Sarawak. I don’t think Sarawak JKR alone will able to manage the projects.

“The project management company will reengage all those who are terminated by PDP previously, to give them the priority in terms of employment for their experience and knowledge in terms of the project done previously by them,” he added.