560 Households In EMCO Areas Receive Food Aid

PENAMPANG: Two areas in the Penampang district have been subjected to EMCO instructions for 14 days. The areas involved are Kepayan Rumah Murah and Kg Kodou Sugud.

The Penampang Parliamentary Office and Moyog Assemblyman under the supervision of Darell Leiking in collaboration with the Penampang Act of Kindness (PAKA) and Wira Bahagian Penampang sent aid in the form of rice and dry food packages to 560 houses in the two areas.

Earlier, the Penampang Parliamentary Office provided assistance of 336 boxes of mineral water to 4 Road Blocks (SJR) in the Penampang district, EMCO hut at Kg Kodou Sugud, vaccination center at the Penampang Cultural Center and Penampang Health Clinic.

Meanwhile, donations to EMCO Kepayan Rumah Murah and Kg Kodou Sugud were sent to the Penampang  PKOB donation recieving center located at the Penampang Native Court and to the Kota Kinabalu PKOB donation recieving center located at the Kota Kinabalu Community Hall.

Apart from food items, donations in the form of face masks and hand sanitizers as well as pamphlets to encourage the registration of covid 19 vaccination along with guides to register.

“I hope the families involved in EMCO will be patient during this period because the purpose of this EMCO is to break the chain of Covid 19 infection,” said Darell.

“The percentage of people who have registered in Sabah is less than 20 percent and is the lowest among all the states in Malaysia, so I urge those who have not registered to immediately register meanwhile Sabah is also the lowest vaccine recipient, less than 6 percent of those who have registered.

“The government should find initiatives to speed up vaccination and if the number of vaccines is not enough, it is hoped that the state government will consider purchasing vaccines in large quantities so that more people can get their injections faster,” said Darell.

Mayor Noorliza Alip was also present when Darell handed over the donation and she was very grateful to Darell, who always cared and came down to give donations and moral support to the front line.