527 Federal-Funded Projects Approved For Sarawak – Wong Soon Koh

Wong Soon Koh
Wong Soon Koh

KUCHING – The Federal Government approved 527 projects for Sarawak under the first rolling plan (FRP) of the 11th Malaysia Plan.

Sarawak Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh said as of Oct 31 this year, 48 projects or 9.1% of the total projects had been completed, and the remaining 479 or 90.9% are still at various stages of implementation.

The cumulative expenditure for federal funded projects was RM2.108 billion or 50.9% of the total allocation of RM4.144 billion approved under the First Rolling Plan, he said.


On state funded projects under the 11th Malaysia Plan, he said 909 projects with a ceiling of RM20.0 billion were approved and of these, 441 were being implemented by government departments while the rest are in the form of programmes as well as grants to statutory bodies and local authorities.

“To date, out of 441 physical projects, 67 have been completed while the remaining 374 projects are still at various stages of implementation,” he said in his winding up speech at the State Legislative Assembly sitting here today.

Wong said cumulative expenditure was RM3.163 billion or 15.8% against the total ceiling of the 11th Malaysia Plan over the same period.

Meanwhile, 1,436 state and federal funded projects are being implemented in Sarawak by the various ministries, departments and agencies, said the minister.

“Delivery excellence of the government programmes and projects hinges on the effectiveness and efficiency on project planning, execution, monitoring and coordination by all stakes holders,” he said.

He also said the state must continue to maintain a sound financial position to allow it to exercise fiscal and budgetary flexibility in managing its financial affairs.

“The commendable level of State reserves which is an accumulation of budget surplus for 14 years, coupled with our continuous efforts in steadfastly upholding prudent financial management has availed us to utilise part of the reserves to meet any shortfall due to lower revenue,” he said.

Wong also revealed that the State had been awarded a ‘Clean Certificate’ for its Public Account 2015, for the 14th consecutive year.
He described the acknowledgement as a testimony of Sarawak’s good governance practices.