2 Women Fleeced Of RM584K, Entire Life Savings To Scammers

LABUAN:- Two women lost their life savings after falling prey to a phone scams, known as the Macau and African Scams by a whopping RM584, 100.00 this month.  The first case was on Nov 1, involving 39-year-old academician who thought she found true love online, but ended up heartbroken and broke, she fell victim to a romance scam. She lost RM376, 100.00 to her a month-old ‘fake lover’ whom she knew in Facebook.

The man who duped her into believing he was a pilot from Canada offered her USD500, perfume, jewelleries and other luxury items as their ‘love gifts’ of their online relationship. “Not long after, the woman received a call from the man that the gifts had arrived but were being held by the Malaysian Royal Customs Department due to the USD500 currency and the jewelleries.

“The man told the woman, she was required to settle the customs’ duties via several different accounts to claim the money and the items, to which the woman made all the payments,” Labuan deputy police chief DSP Ibrahim Ghani said at a press conference here today.

Ibrahim said after making the payments, the woman was threatened by the man not to disclose the matter to anyone, or she would be arrested for her involvement in the money laundering instead.

Another case involved a 49-year-old housewife who was convinced her accounts were jeopardised after being implicated in a money laundering case.

Little did she know her case was just a fabrication, leading to her entire life savings going up in smoke.

Ibrahim said the woman received a call from unknown man end of last month (September), who informed she has credit card dues with a local bank and at the same time she had also been involved in money laundering.

“She was told by the man, she must transfer all her monies into an account for investigation,” he said.

Ibrahim said the suspect used voip telephone lines of police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Bank Negara to make calls to dupe the victim,” he said, adding the victim was also asked to dispose all the bank transfer slips.

Ibrahim disclosed the two cases were not isolated as the Labuan police has recorded a total of 37 cases online and phone scams involving RM1, 329, 110.00 since January as of to date.

Of the number, three cases were African Scam or better known as Love Scam involving RM404, 350.00, two cases of Macau Scam of RM207, 880.00 and 32 cases were internet purchase scams that involved RM716, 880.00.

Ibrahim hoped the cases serve as a lesson to members of the public to be wary with various scams.