2 More Warisan Branches Set Up At Putatan; Residents Plagued By Many Issues

Liff Donlim, second from left, submitting membership application forms to Uda, witnessed by Benedict Malanjum, the division treasurer, fourth right, and Amarjit next to him.

PUTATAN: Parti Warisan Sabah has opened two more branches in the Putatan district – Tombovo and Sipanggil – with several hundred people from both areas signing up to become members.

Amarjit Singh, the Warisan Putatan secretary, in a statement Thursday, said both branches were officiated by Haji Uda Sulai, the division’s deputy Chief coordinator.

He described the setting up of the branch at Tombovo as a breakthrough as the village, comprising about 1,300 voters has pledged to give their undivided support to Warisan Sabah.

“The people around the Tombovo village believe there would be changes in their area and development especially as it has not seen any improvement since being set up,” said Amarjit.

Liff Donlim, a spokesperson for Tombovo said that common issues like the status of their land, inavailability of potable treated water, irregular power supply, lack of sealed roads, poor street lighting and perennial flooding has been a habitual dilemma amongst the dwellers there.

Uda Sulai in his speech stressed that the folk around Tombovo should have enjoyed better basic infrastructure a long time ago.

Earlier, Uda officiated the Sipanggil branch at Putatan Baru with the branch chairman Marik Singh stressing that drainage and waste management system was unsatisfactory around that area.

Uda stressed that it is shocking to know the basic needs of the residents are neglected yet Sipanggil and Tombovo are considered just next door to Kota Kinabalu town which has experienced rapid development over the years.