Younger Generation Get A Head-Start On Importance Of Conserving Wildlife

Arsenia giving a talk about the issues faced by Bornean Elephants and the work done by WRU to aid them…..

SANDAKAN: The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) started the Wildlife Education and Conservation Awareness Programme in 2015 and the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) is part of it this year.

The target audiences for this programme are primary and secondary school students throughout Sabah, said Dr. Diana Ramirez, Assistant Manager of WRU.

This programme is aimed to share information about the wildlife species that can be found in Sabah with the young generation and to instil awareness among them about the importance of conserving our wildlife.

…..and explaining to the kids about the functions of the WRU and the work it is involved in.

“For us, it is very important to have this awareness programs for our young generations, I believe that is how we can make a change in Wildlife conservation,” Dr Ramirez said adding that for this year they are trying to get WRU to be more involved in awareness programs.

All these efforts are in hope that the conservation spirit among the students would increase to help save the wildlife from extinction .

This was the second year Telupid district was involved and four schools namely SK Telupid, SK Tangkungon, SK Wonod and SMK Tongod successfully completed this programme.

“Targeting schools is a fantastic strategy that should be improved upon. Let us not forget university-level students as well as elementary schools; educational efforts should be carried out throughout these levels for stronger impact,” said Dr Pakeeyaraj one of the WRU veterinarians.

Second Day of WECP 2017 at SK. Tangkungon, Telupid.

The BSBCC invited several organizations which include the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU), HUTAN Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme and Danau Girang Field Centre to partner in this programme.

Each of the organizations was given a slot to conduct a talk and prepare exhibition booths.

“We ended the program with huge satisfaction seeing the encouraging participation from the students achieve our objectives and we now hope to carry on with these experiences and awareness for our future generation,” referred Dr. Laura Benedict, another WRU veterinarian.

“Public awareness on Wildlife Conservation is just as important as Strict Enforcement of Wildlife laws. I am very happy that BSBCC started this program in 2015 and WRU is delighted to be part of the program this year.”

WRU’s Conservation Officer, Arsenia Mojikon and two WRU Rangers, Hasni and Aidey represented the Unit in giving presentations and also setting up a booth to explain the hard work the Wildlife Rescue Unit does to help save wildlife in Sabah.

“BSBCC and Wong Siew Te should be applauded for making this happen,” added Dr. Sen Nathan, Manager of the Wildlife Rescue Unit.