What’s Your Game, Siambun Slams Pairin For ‘Clandestine’ Kaiduan Meet

Pairin was greeted by a noisy-but-peaceful group of protesters at Kg Terian in Penampang, who sang and played traditional instruments – but their goal was still to protest the construction of the Kaiduan Dam.

PENAMPANG: The State Assemblyman for Moyog has lashed out at Joseph Pairin Kitingan whom he alleged to have discreetly organized the dialogue between the Umno-led State government and the villagers of Kampung Terian/Buayan relating to the controversial Kaiduan Dam project.

Terrence Siambun said there was no invitation or information by the deputy Chief Minister either to him in his capacity as the Moyog State Assemblyman, or to Darell Leiking, who is the Member of Parliament for Penampang, to attend the dialogue.

“What is Pairin so afraid of to the extent that he doesn’t want the elected representatives to attend the dialogue,” queried Siambun of the ‘clandestine-like’ meeting last Friday.

“Is there anything that he wants to hide from us?”

He said he was not amused at all with the lack of professionalism shown by Pairin, nor by his total mockery on the role of elected representatives in Sabah.


“This is exactly the reason why Sabahans do not trust BN leaders; they do things their own way and force the people to accept whatever is being told without ever realizing the facts that the people expect their representatives to ensure that the principle of justice and fairness is adhered to,” Siambun said in a statement Monday.

He said he was away in Kuala Lumpur on Parti Warisan Sabah matters, but would have cut short his day and returned to Penampang to attend the meeting. He said he was forced to rely on several villagers who contacted him on the outcome of the dialogue.

He said the offer made by Pairin to the villagers was ‘too sweet to believe’ and “considering that he is going to retire anytime soon, he will obviously promise the stars and the moon to the villagers.

“I don’t think he cares less whether what he promised will materialize or not, because in his little mind, he thinks that he is a big hero for Sabah just because he went through so many things since 1985.

Posters, strung up by the Kg Terian/Buayan villagers as well as others protesting the construction of the dam, lined up the mud track for Pairin and his entourage to see.

“He claimed credit for ending the so-called West Coast water crises with the Babagon Dam at the expense of the relocated Babagon KadazanDusun villagers who are now in living in a conundrum at Tampasak,” Siambun added.

“One great sacrifice had been made by Moyog for Pairin, a failed leader who does not command the respect anymore from other KDM leaders and another one (sacrifice) would amount to total stupidity,” he lashed out.

Siambun also pointed it out that the role of the State government is to bring development to the rural areas, especially within the Indigenous community that had been living on NCR lands for decades.

He said it was the indigenous KadazanDusun communities at Terian/Buayan who opened the lands here long ago before Pairin was born, and the land become part of their lives.

Pairin on arrival at Kg Terian last Friday, November 10, 2017. – Phot credits Nousi Giun and Save Ulu Papar

“And for Pairin to try and lure this community away from the lands worked upon by their ancestors by promising “an orderly livelihood yet small and restricted” the same way as how the Red Indians were being resettled at the expense of their great tradition is nauseating,” he pointed out.

He also urged Pairin to recall the threat made by Harris Salleh, the Berjaya Chief Minister, who had wanted to flood the Tambunan plains and convert it to a dam, all because Berjaya had lost Tambunan to an “independent’ Pairin in 1984 after he left that party.

Siambun also asked if Upko is going to submit its objection officially to Pairin on the Kaiduan Dam issue.

Upko had stated after the ‘Sabah Watergate’ scandal’ that the party objected to Kaiduan Dam.

“So perhaps it is now the time for Madius Tangau to advise Pairin to stop dreaming to see his pet project becomes a reality,” he added.


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