Warisan’s Aim Is To Down Sabah BN; Opposition Should Support Such Move

David William

LETTER: We urge DAP Kota Kinabalu MP, Jimmy Wong to stop his childish ways in his attempt to attract the attention of Warisan leaders through his incessant attacks against our president, Shafie Apdal.

Wong seems to be displaying a typical ‘cry-baby’ attitude, likened to one who lacks the attention entertained by the parents; the child will shout, throw things and cry just for the sake of gaining the attention of the parents.

At one point he says he does not trust Shafie, and the next, he says Shafie is the main factor that could lead to the downfall of BN in Sabah in this coming election.

Perhaps Wong is irritated at the no response by Shafie, despite his (Wong) tirades in the press.

There has been no official discussion between DAP Central and Parti Warisan Sabah relating to any pact between the two parties.

Perhaps Wong should shift his attention to DAP/Pakatan Harapan forming a pact with Gabungan Sabah or USA.

After all, Wong shares the same belief with the Gabungan Sabah leaders that only a united opposition front could effectively bring down BN Sabah.

A pact between Gabungan Sabah and DAP/PH is even bigger than Warisan itself and should be much more feared by BN Sabah.

If Warisan want to be alone, then respect that wish. In view that snap elections is expected to be held anytime soon, why waste time criticizing Warisan?

Is it the intention of Wong to continuously harass Warisan so it will give up and be subservient to the will of DAP?

Warisan is a Sabah local party that will not allow itself to be dictated by others; not by UMNO, BN, Gabungan, Pakatan, Mahathir and certainly not by DAP.

So to Wong, I challenge you to go and dictate your terms and conditions to Gabungan Sabah for the pact that many, including you wanted.

If you want to criticize Shafie, then perhaps you should first of all try to outclass his political charisma and aura by winning your party’s election.

Let Warisan be alone and continue the rising wave of change within the grassroots level.

Our main target is to destroy BN Sabah and we certainly will not lose our focus due to the attack or criticism from any opposition party in Sabah.

And as to Wong, stop being a cry-baby with all your complaints and go prove your leadership to the people of Sabah,” he concluded.

  • David William is Parti Warisan Sabah Kiulu Coordinator