Warisan Warns Uncollected Trash At Putatan Pose A Major Health Hazard

A picture ‘speaks’ a thousand words. The deplorable conditions at a Putatan District Council community rubbish centre, which a state lawmaker warns is a major health hazard.

PENAMPANG: Parti Warisan Sabah has chided the BN State Government for the unsatisfactory level of cleanliness in Putatan, emphasizing that such a situation can be a potential cause of health hazards to the people living there.

Terrence Siambun, the Parti Warisan Sabah coordinator for Putatan and Moyog Assemblyman, said he and a group of party members from the Wira wing, were shocked to see heaps of rubbish all over the district, while on a recent visit.

“Why has this rubbish not been collected by the Putatan District Council,” he queried in a statement issued Wednesday.

Rubbish strewn all over the road frontage as no systematic collection is in place at Putatan.

“Dogs were seen scavenging for food, while flies, cockroaches and other rodents were seen all over these rubbish, and on top of that, the stink caused was horrifically unbearable.”

Siambun said that based on the information given by the locals, irregular collection had caused the pile up.

“This clearly portrays the inability of the local authority of Putatan to manage the district well.

“I was made to understand that this had been going on for some years now and while it may seem to be a petty issue, in reality, it clearly depicts the nonchalant attitude by BN Putatan in ensuring that the district is properly managed,” he added.

Siambun said that he had discussed the issue with his team, and pointed out that proper management of the district is urgently needed.

What a shame? It takes an outsider to highlight the woes of the people in Putatan, when the constituency comes under the purview of a deputy chief minister.

“I have facilitated many concerned citizens in my effort to make Moyog a more civil and community-minded constituency on multiple issues which relates to the well-being of the people there.

“So there is no difference here at Putatan; I will be engaging with anyone who wishes to contribute to the well-being and upliftment of this district,” he explained.

The district had been neglected for a long time now; it is time to make Putatan great under a new governance, he added, saying the people also deserved good service from the council for all the GST that they have been forced to cough out.