Warisan Papar Blood Drive Aborted; Hospital Director Refuses Approval


PAPAR: A blood donation drive at a restaurant here on Saturday had to be cancelled at the last minute simply because of political differences.

Apparently the director of the Papar district hospital had refused to allow officials from the blood bank to cooperate with the organisers as they were from Parti Warisan Sabah.

One of the organisers named Junaide Mohiddin Pasus posted on his Facebook that earlier on he had received the approval to go ahead with the campaign by an officer attached with the blood bank at the hospital.

But just a day before the campaign he was notified that the blood bank officials and nurses had been barred from assisting the Parti Warisan organisers.


The cancellation saw the authorities getting the brickbats from netizens who chided the director for playing politics.

A regular donor said he was given to understand that the blood bank at the Papar Hospital was running low as the number of donors during the recent fasting had dropped.

“And here we have people who want to organise a donation campaign being turned down, all because the organisers are in the opposition,” he said, adding there was no logic to the call by the director concerned.

“I wonder if when a member of his or her own family is in critical need of blood, he would ask potential donors if they are from the Barisan Nasional or Warisan or other opposition parties.

“What narrow minded and shallow thinking coming a from a so-called learned person,” another Facebook user wrote.

Another Facebook user, pointed out that one does not even care from the religious point of view what religion the donor is, as long as the blood is clean and used to save lives, adding that the director’s actions did not make any sense at all.

The Papar District Hospital could not be contacted for comment.

On Friday, Junaide wrote on his Facebook:

Dukacita dimaklumkan Program Amal Derma Darah dibatalkan.

(It is with regret that I inform everyone that the blood donation campaign has been cancelled).

Sebelum ini program ini mendapat kelulusan, tetapi hari ini Pegawai hospital telah menghubungi saya bahawa Pengarah Hospital Papar tidak memberi kebenaran kakitangannya terlibat atas alasan kita adalah Parti Warisan.

(Earlier, we had received the greenlight to carry out the campaign, but today I received word from an official that the director of the Papar district hospital has cancelled the approval for the staff to get involved on the premise that the organisers are from Parti Warisan Sabah).

Dengan ini, mohon maklumkan kepada semua ahli Warisan Papar, Kita terpaksa tangguh program ini buat sementara waktu. Saya sungguh kesal Derma Darah tidak boleh dibuat kerena Politik. Setahu saya Darah kita ada jenis A, B atau O sahaja…rupanya ada Jenis POLITIK pun ada pula.

(As such, all Warisan Papar members are advised that the campaign has been put off for now. It is with regret that blood donation cannot be done because of politics. As far as I know there are various ypes of blood such as A, B or O. Only now I know we also have a new type – POLITIK)

Mohon maaf atas kerumitan ini. Kami berharap akan dapat mengadakan program amal ini dimasa yg terdekat. Sekian

(Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We hope that we can carry out the campaign in the not too distant future.)

Only two days ago, Dr Hilmi Yahaya deputy Health Minister was reported saying that blood donation awareness is still low, with only 660,000 people or just 2.2 per cent of the entire Malaysian population donating blood last year.

He said about 2,000 pints of blood is needed daily to treat 1,000 patients and a shortage of blood is expected to occur if there is no awareness to donate blood.