Warisan: It’s The BN Who Exacted Revenge In Opposition-Held Areas


BEAUFORT: Anifah Aman, the Foreign Minister has been censured for suggesting that a new government would exact revenge on the Barisan Nasional and to chase away the opposition members who came to their village for campaign purposes.

Hajah Johair Matlani, deputy Chief Co-ordinator of Parti Warisan Sabah in Beaufort said rather than go on a blame game, Anifah should take a look in the mirror and see that it is the BN that is victimising opposition-held constituencies in Sabah.

“If anyone is inflicting revenge, it is the BN because those who supported the opposition in the last general elections have been experiencing a lack of development in their constituencies,” Johair said.


“Look at Penampang for example; what happened to the hospital and secondary school that was promised before and during the GE13 campaign period? It has been over four years since the last elections and nothing has been done.

“Those promises have remained empty. So what is Anifah talking when he says that the BN doesn’t make promises but delivers? So who is the one inflicting revenge?” she pointed out.

Johair was responding to a statement by Anifah, who is also the Kimanis Member of Parliament who on Saturday, warned that if the opposition came to power, BN supporters would suffer their avenging wrath.

At the Hari Raya event on Saturday, Anifah also told villagers in Kabang, Papar to chase away the opposition members whenever they come to campaign their cause, which he charged was just slander.

In a statement Monday, Johair reminded Anifah that it is constitutionally wrong to prevent anyone from campaigning in any area.


“So if that is what Anifah says, then in opposition-held areas, we can also chase away the BN campaigners. Is that it,” she said.

A Warisan government will not go on a witch hunt when in power, but Johair warned that those who corruptly benefited from government projects at the expense of the people will be certainly brought to justice.

“And those who stole from the people by not carrying out government projects, yes, they must face the law, if that is what Anifah means by revenge.

“As our president, Shafie Apdal, has said on several occasions that we can forgive but don’t forget.”

She said as far as Warisan is concerned, the party’s aim is to unite the people of Sabah to fight against the immoral BN/UMNO regime.

“When we say unite, we mean everyone, regardless of race, religion or whatever their political ideology. This talk of revenge is nonsense.

“Our focus now is on getting the people of Sabah together to get rid of BN. When that happens, we will restore Sabah to what Sabahans deserve. Why would we even think of revenge when our cause is to form a government that serves Sabahans because it is voted by Sabahans,” stressed Johair.

As for BN’s often repeated claims of having helped the people by giving out BR1M and education aid, Johair described them as mere handouts that only bring fleeting relief, if at all.

“Have they forgotten the ‘elephant in the room’? There is the scandalous 1MDB debacle that has brought great shame to this country and the untimely GST which has only served to inflict suffering on the people.

“Warisan has more to offer Sabahans in the form of an Education Ministry that would for the first time ensure the history of Sabah is taught in schools across the state; learning institutions to generate skilled manpower to specifically meet Sabah’s industrial needs; downstream industries to provide more jobs for locals; RM100 million dedicated for the development of youth in Sabah; among others,” she added.

Johair also said a vote for Warisan would mean a vote for a Sabah that any right-minded Sabahan would want for their future and their children.


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