Vindictive And Oppressive; Did BN Sabah Renege Its Promises – Leiking

Darell Leiking

PENAMPANG: The Umno-led Barisan Nasional state government has been quizzed over its silence on the directive made by Putrajaya calling for the cancellation of all minor projects (BP1)usually carried out by the local authorities in opposition-held Parliamentary constituencies in Sabah.

Parti Warisan Sabah deputy president Darell Leiking who raised the query said he only came to know about such directive when it was leaked out to media a couple days ago and now he wants the State Government to confirm it.

“If true, then the BN is the most vindictive and oppressive political organisation in the country because it is willing to punish Malaysians who merely exercised their rights bestowed under the Constitution by voting the representative of their choice,” he charged.

Leiking also lambasted the UMNO-led State Government for keeping mum on the directive as if it is trying to hide it from public knowledge.

“I would not be surprised if many of the lower and middle ranking officers in the Ministry of Housing and Local Government or the affected Local Authorities have no knowledge at all about this directive because the moment it be made known to public, it will cause uproar in four of the Parliamentary seats held by the opposition in Sabah,” he pointed out.

Are small scale infrastructure projects in opposition-held areas frozen, queries the Penampang lawmaker.

“BP1 Infrastructure Projects” refer to the small scale infrastructural projects at local council such as construction drains, upgrading of roads and supply of streetlights.

According to Leiking, the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government had at a meeting on March 9, 2017 concluded that all “BP1 Infrastructure Projects” approved in 2017 in the opposition-held Parliamentary seats be cancelled and the funding warrants to be recalled.

“As the Member of Parliament representing Penampang, I demand the State Government to confirm whether this is true or not,” he said in a statement, saying from his sources, the news was very likely true.

There are four opposition-held parliamentary constituencies in Sabah – Penampang, Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu and Semporna.

“Do you think that all the GST, Corporate Tax and Income Tax payees in these affected areas will be happy with such news when Najib Razak had already promised that the collected GST will be returned to these areas in terms of development,” Leiking posed

“Do the UMNO-led Federal and State Governments really think that Sabahans can be cheated easily rendering the UMNO leaders to renege on the promises made by Najib.”

A letter purportedly issued by the Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government. – Letter provided by Parti Warisan Sabah

He also reminded the UMNO-led State Government that the Chief Minister, Musa Aman had also given his promise and assurances that all the opposition held seats in Sabah will not be neglected in terms of development.

“Thus, our State Government and Musa should immediately confirm whether the directive had already been applied in the four parliamentary seats because I will definitely get more information on this issue from my counterparts in West Malaysia,” he added.

He also pointed out this is another reason amongst the many reasons why Sabahans have to end the Barisan Nasional Regime once and for all and to Save Sabah in order to Change the Federation of Malaysia.