Twelve Schools Closed In Limbang, Miri As Of 4pm As Floods Worsen

Food aid being sent to victims.

MIRI: Twelve schools in Limbang and Miri, Sarawak are closed due to flood as of 4 pm Monday from eight schools at noon.

Sarawak Disaster Management Committee Secretariat from the Civil Defence Force, Major Ismail Mahedin said 390 students from 12 schools were affected by floods.

“However the number of flood victims in Limbang remained at 390 people from 121 families as of 4 pm,” he said in a statement here Monday.

He said the evacuees from Asan longhouse, Kampung Semena and Kampung Hujung Jalan are placed at the relief centre at Mendamit Community Hall in Nanga Mendamit.

Meanwhile, the Star quoted Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau as saying that more than 10,000 people from at least 15 longhouses as well as students from a school in the interior Baram district in northern Sarawak have been cut off due to floods.

Ngau, who visited the flooded areas on Monday to check on the relief aid supplies, said over the past 24 hours, heavy rains have inundated these populated settlements, resulting in metre-deep waters.

He told The Star that the affected settlements and school had been cut off after the timber roads became flooded.

“At least 10,000 people are affected by the floods.

“Among them are the settlements in Long Bedian, Long Atip, Long Tajang, Long Buan, Long Bemang, Long Loyang, Long Batan, Long Aton, Long Sobeng, SK Long Sobeng, Long Anyat, Long Luteng, Long Puak and Long Lama town.

“The students of SK Long Subeng have been evacuated to the nearest longhouse.