Three Students Drown As Excursion At Membakut Resort Turns Tragic

Three boys drowned at this stream Saturday morning as their schoolmates from SMK Putatan were out trekking. The circumstances into their tragic outing are being investigated. – Photo credit BOMBA Papar

MEMBAKUT: Police here are trying to piece together what actually happened as three students from SMK Putatan strayed from a larger group out trekking at the Lake Eco Resort Saturday morning, resulting in their drowning in a man-made stream.

Sabah Fire and Rescue Department operations chief Khatizah Rahaban, said the boys were part of a group of students taking part in a camping trip at the resort over the long weekend.

“We are trying to ascertain what happened prior to the drowning,” she said of the 9.00am incident which saw Hafiz Hamizan Rahman, Daniel Norman, both 16, and Khuzaimi Zakaran, 17, lose their lives.

A total of 120 students and 30 teachers were part of the school camp.

State Fire and Rescue Services Department Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Mohd Affendy Ramin said six fire and rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene upon receiving a distress call at 9.40am.

It is believed Hafiz, Daniel and Khuzaimi were part of a larger group comprising teachers and students trekking along the stream.

They were said to have strayed from the group could have slipped and fell into a deeper part of the stream without being noticed by the others.

“By the time the others realised something was not quite right and saw the boys in the water, it was too late. They were already unconscious when they were pulled out by some teachers,” said a source.

The boys were pulled out of the stream by their teachers but they were already unconscious by that time.

Another version of the incident was that the three had gone for a swim instead of joining the group at trekking, without the knowledge of their teachers.

The body of one of the victims was taken to the Beaufort hospital in an ambulance, while the two others who were unconscious, were taken to a nearby clinic.

Both were pronounced dead soon after by paramedics.

Fire and Rescue personnel remained at the scene to monitor the area and ensure that no other victims were involved.