The Smart Momogun Are All In PCS; STAR Bereft Of Experienced Leaders


COMMENT: Great party led by smart people. Do you know that Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) is the preferred Momogun party for the most intelligent Momogun?

These smart Momogun are not just highly educated, but they are also true patriots. There are many within PCS. More than any other party out there (I will introduce all of them to you in due time.)

Why do you think this is?

Today, I am just going to tell you about three people. Truly, highly respected people. True Momogun who are successful in their field of expertise and business. True patriots that are selfless and truly taking the initiative to strengthen and empower our people’s future.

I start with the three deputy presidents of PCS. These are incredibly successful people, and they are nothing compared to those naysayers that had been spouting nonsense in social media. Naysayers, that, if you truly check their background, are mostly lowly educated, unsuccessful, poor, and has nothing much to show for in life’s achievements.

Many of these naysayers are repeaters of failed ideological arguments; almost fanatical in their diatribes. They are loud, but more like dogs barking at the trees. These are not intellectuals or visionaries. They are not original. Most are merely followers repeating the same lyrics over and over like a broken record.

They have never read Sun Tzu or even read the “Art of War.” They are false prophets pretending to be endowed. Don’t even give a minute of your time to these fanatical naysayers who think they know what’s over the horizon. What they know is only what’s in the box, they can’t see beyond the forest.

Yet, they are telling us about PCS. They know nothing about PCS.

Deputy President Richard Gunting holds a successful career both in the private and public sector. He is a successful businessman and an intellectual holding a true PHD. There is nothing much higher you can go as a scholar. His competence is comparable with other world scholars in world universities.

Deputy President Nicholas James Guntobon, a highly successful and true Medical Doctor by profession. Noticed, I repeat the word ‘true’ because there are many fake doctors out there. Our Doctors are real. They have earned their Doctorate. Dr. Guntobon was once a deputy president of STAR. He was very close to Jeffrey Kitingan, but like many who once followed STAR had left STAR, for very good reasons, but I will leave that for another story in the future.

Deputy President Paul Voon, a true Momogun patriot. His heart is for the paramount interest of the Momogun. An original born and bred Sabahan. Highly successful businessman, and highly respected individual. Anyone who knows him knows how smart and wise he is. He is truly a valuable asset to PCS.

I challenge anyone who thinks and claims they are smart to debate with these exemplary leaders.

These people are so smart that it behooves me to think some nincompoop dare to question their intellectual integrity as PCS leaders. These people are the smartest people you can ever ask for among the Momogun. They are also very humble people.

Their motivation is simply to empower the Momogun, and in all walks of life, for that matter. Truly commendable people. So before anyone prejudges PCS, think again.

Momogun in PCS are the smartest people all Momogun can be proud off. The incredible thing is that they are patriots. If you were given a choice, who would you follow. A proven successful leader or an activist that has nothing to show for?

But, you know what Tompinai, PCS have a lot of these intellectual people working hard to defend, protect and build a new future for Momogun. In due time, I will tell you more about them. For now, trust my words. If you know me, you will know what kind of Momogun I am.

We are the true Momogun party and we aim to unite all Momogun. Come join the team. Let’s make Sabah great again. We need self-motivated leaders. This team of Momogun will lead the way. Even others will want to follow us because we guarantee fairness and equality for all. That means all.

We will break the yoke of discrimination that this regime had force upon us. We will lead a government motivated by common sense and intellect. I guarantee it.

  • Wilfred Gaban is Chairman PCS International Information Bureau