Thanking Our Two Million Visitors


Three days and seven months ago, we started BorneoToday to give you the news as it should be given. Without fear or favour, we have brought you news, many of which did not see the light of day in the mainstream media.

Over this short period of time, we have managed to upload 3,112 posts, and garnered 2 million visitors; and we are read in over 110 countries.

There will be more challenging months ahead with general elections looming, but as usual, we will strife to be fair and objective to all quarters. We will continue to fight for the oppressed, like the people of Kampung Bobotong in Pinangah, whose houses were wrecked by overzealous Sabah Forestry Department officials who labelled them ‘encroachers’ and others with similar problems.

We will continue to highlight environmental issues so that our future generations will know what a Proboscis monkey or Bornean Elephant is. We will do our best the bring you balanced news so that you get to hear both sides of the story; something which is getting more and more difficult when you open up the pages of the newspapers these day. More often than not, you only read news that others want you to read.

Getting 1 million visitors in less than a year was beyond our imagination and hopes, what more attracting 2 million visitors, for a small operation such as ours. We had hoped to get 100,000 visitors in our first year. But with a dedicated team, we have been able to deliver.

And we want to thank all those out there for making us a truly ‘good-read’ news portal.

Thank you.