Telco Service Not Up To The Mark In Labuan; DUML Takes Celcom To Task


LABUAN: The Labuan Chamber of Malay Entrepreneurs (DUML) has taken a mobile telecommunications provider to task for failing to provide undisrupted services to subscribers on the duty-free island.

It claimed the telecommunications line disruption since late last year had given a ‘torrid experience’ to the subscribers.

DUML President, Mohd Alias Abd Rahman, said Celcom customers, especially those in the business community had posted their grievances or dissatisfaction over the poor services in the social media, in particular Whatsapp groups and Facebook.

“With customers having to endure ‘very bad’ experiences due to the poor quality of telephone communication, the provider should reinstate its services that are up to par to ensure businesses’ activities are not interrupted,” he said in a statement.

Alias said Celcom should also apply the ‘customer service guarantee or (CSG) so as to be a telco that can be trusted and depended on.

“In the CSG that is applied in other countries, in the event of any disruption, or if it the service provider fails to repair or supply service on time, the customer can claim daily rate rental credit which will be calculated accordingly,” Alias said.

Mohd Alias Rahman

He pointed out that in the case of disruptions on the island, the telecommunication provider should logically give rebates to those who are affected.

It was learnt that the regulator for the industry, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) had issued a notification on the disruption until June this year for the upgrading exercise (12 midnight to 6am) from 3G to 4G across the country.

“We are aware and concerned that mobile phone operators in the country have been overwhelmed by the surging number of subscribers and their infrastructure may be inadequate,” Alias said.

According to Alias, the port operations, which is one of the heavy voice call subscribers is among those badly affected by the disruptions… “data need to be transferred every second and continuously … such poor services occurs frequently and we lose communication and information on the movement of containers, and possibly not running accurately.

“We hope the move of upgrading infrastructure by the service providers would help reduce these shortcomings.

“Subscribers experience frequent interruptions, jams and poor voice service. When a subscriber decides to use phone, he/she does not want to be inconvenienced,” he added.

He also disclosed that overall, numerous complaints about many network providers who continue to disappoint their subscribers with their poor services which include’ missing and delayed text messages, dropped calls, weak signals, slow Internet, unresponsive technical support, exaggerated and erroneous billings, unexplained deduction on prepaid load and misleading advertisements.

According to him, there were concerns over deterioration of quality of service in the telecommunications industry, hence the need to fix the problems sooner than later.